We're thankful to have some pretty wonderful clients. Our clients make it fun to come to work everyday, and we're grateful for the work they do to make their communities and their workplaces better.

We're happy to share some of their feedback. . .  

Julie has been instrumental to the fundraising efforts at Marian Middle School. Her creative and collaborative style meshes seamlessly with our existing development team to advance our school forward! With her help, we’ve been able to find new sources of funds, grow our existing donor base, and better target our grant requests to both meet the needs of our donors and our students. She’s extremely organized, professional, and brings new and fresh ideas to Marian at each meeting!
— Mary Elizabeth Grimes, President, Marian Middle School
When the Saint Louis University School of Medicine wanted to overhaul our Grand Rounds alumni magazine, we turned to Julie. From developing a new thematic concept which helps us showcase our thought leadership, to editorial strategy, Julie marries creative vision with an eye toward ROI. Julie is hands-on—interviewing our physician and scientist teams, writing articles and editing. She’s forward-thinking and collaborative when it comes to development solutions, and works creatively to leverage communication strategies for higher education.
— Stacey Hutchens, Executive Development Director, School of Medicine and Clinical Programs, Saint Louis University
Tara is truly a gem. I’ve worked with a lot of grant writers, and have rarely found someone so responsive, knowledgeable and thorough. She got to know our organization so quickly and really helped us get to where we need to be. We’ll definitely reach back out when we need help with something like this going forward.
— Emily Lohse-Busch, Executive Director, Arch Grants
“Julie looks at her work with nonprofits through the lens of a donor. While she is mission-driven, she knows that we need to be wholly focused on fundraising in order to support both our day-to-day work and our long-term vision. Julie helped Pianos for People reframe the way we tell our story, so donors can better understand how we help change the lives of children through the transformative power of music—and she made it easier for donors to say yes. ”
— Tom Townsend, Founder and Board Chair, Pianos for People, Co-founder of Rodgers Townsend/DDB
“For several years I have worked with Julie. She has helped develop our website, researched and secured funding as our contracted grant writer, and has helped to create and build our social media campaign. Julie is professional, organized, and a great writer. For her nonprofit clients, she comes with a great perspective, adding valuable insight due to her background in corporate philanthropy. Julie has been a great addition to our team and I feel very fortunate to work closely with her.”
— Ericka Zoll Director of Development & External Affairs, KIPP St. Louis
“Julie marries big-picture, long-term strategy, with hands-on, in-the-trenches, deadline-driven work. She is Ronnoco’s Swiss Army knife of communication strategy—we rely on her from everything from brand guideline development to web content to blogging and social media. Julie is a critical outsourced part of our marketing team.”
— Erin Bone, Director of Marketing, Ronnoco Coffee
“Julie has been an essential outsourced part of our development team for several years. She has a unique ability to help tell our story to our donors, prospective donors, and members of the J community in a way that is compelling and meaningful—sprurring them to action. She asks the right questions, thinks strategically and delivers results.”
— Lynn Wittels, President and CEO, St. Louis Jewish Community Center
“Julie’s work was invaluable to our mission and our growth. Because we are a start-up credit union serving low income teenagers, we turned to Julie for her expertise in both nonprofit fundraising and small business consulting. She helped us every step of the way—including formation and operations, business plan development, grant writing and donor communications. Julie’s ability to tell our story and to communicate with a variety of different audiences, donors, collaborators to name just a few, has allowed us to grow much more quickly than we had anticipated.”
— Heidi Albert, Executive Director, Live It To Learn It/ Money Locker, Credit Union for Teens
“Julie really understands food marketing—both at a strategic level, and in terms of connecting with our customers on a day-to-day basis. I’ve worked with her in both B2B and B2C environments, whereby she created and executed our social media strategy that included creating relationships with customers that that drove significant traffic to our website. She is great to work with and really drives results.”
— Michael Becherer, VP, Marketing and Business Development, Ronnoco Coffee
“Julie is more than a writer….she’s a thinker and an excellent addition to any strategic or creative team. Julie asks the right questions and delivers smart, thoughtful results on budget and on time.”
— Karen Handelman, President & Candy Bowl Filler, 501creative
“I have hired Julie to write our annual reports, edit, write and proof read for our website, write for brochures and events. She was very professional and personable. She was able to grasp what we are all about and write about us in a way that was easy for people to understand and made it compelling to read. I highly recommend Julie! She is our “go to” person when we need anything written!”
— Susan Culli, Project Coordinator, St. Louis Mental Health Board
“Julie embodies the perfect balance of creative and intelligent. She grasps the concepts and can quickly get out ahead to lead you through the process. Calling her a smart copywriter doesn’t really cut it because her creativity and experience add depth and quality to the finished product.”
— David Schenberg, Co-Founder, BusyEvent
“Whole-Brain Thinking. That’s the valuable service Julie brings to the table. As a left-brained consultant, she offers quick understanding of the problem and smart strategies to solve. As a right-brained wordsmith, she crafts beautiful language to move audiences into action. That’s a whole lot of brain for the buck.”
— Walt Jaschek, Creative Director/Copywriter, WaltNow.com
“I want to thank you for the fantastic job you always do! Your writing style is beautifully smooth and integrates well with mine. That makes is so easy to work with you! And in the greatest testament of all—you’ve really helped us lift our grant results!”
— Tim Mickelson, Director of Development, St. Louis Children's Choirs
“Julie is a strategic thinker—she was able to quickly assess how we should organize and present our work in a succinct way, and position us for success. She has exceptional writing skills, an unmatched work ethic, and although she is a consultant, she shows a level of commitment to our cause that makes us feel like she is part of our team—a rare quality with consultants! Working with Julie is a delight! ”
— Sheena Duncan, Executive Director, Pianos for People
“Gateway Government Solutions has relied on TMG for many years for social media strategy and online content. Julie and her team are professional and innovative—they work to understand our audience and develop messages that resonate with our various stakeholders, develop original content, and create a buzz around our message so we can do what we do best—run our business. Julie has an innate ability to understand complex issues very fast and very well, and write about them like an industry insider.”
— Irl Scissors, Principal, Gateway Government Relations
“I would highly recommend working with Julie and her company. She is thoughtful, analytic and resourceful. Julie was able to think outside the box and help us create a plan that worked with how our organization operates, and not how it should operate. She was able to understand our philosophy and how we like to involve people in the process. That meant taking a typical retail operation and standing it on its head and making it work. Julie got us and so we got a great product that worked for us!”
— Beth Brown, Associate Director, Independence Center