“Julie’s work was invaluable to our mission and our growth. She helped us every step of the way—including formation and operations, business plan development, grant writing and donor communications. ”
— Heidi Albert, Executive Director, Live It To Learn It/ Money Locker, Credit Union for Teens

The common thread of everything we do is communication. From creating content to drive inspired donors to action, to grant research and writing, we help you chart a path to greater impact and sustainable organizational success.

Nonprofit services include:

We have experience working within a wide range of nonprofit sectors, including:

  • Health and human services

  • Healthcare

  • K-12 education

  • Early childhood education

  • Higher education

  • Economic development

  • Theater and performing arts

  • Fine arts

  • Financial literacy programs

  • Disability and inclusion programs

  • Senior living and adult day care

  • Faith-based initiatives

Unlike many other organizations, we aren’t a full-service nonprofit consulting firm. Which is why we collaborate with some of the best in the business to make sure that you have the right team in place to provide sage counsel.

Since 2009, we've collaborated a wide range of nonprofits planning for their future.

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